Considering protective headgear for the first time can be confusing, so you should be sure you know who the top players are. Numerous brands offer helmets at different price points, yet only a small number can guarantee quality. Motorcycle helmets are now required by law in Pakistan in order to prevent road accident fatalities for motorcycle riders. Wearing a motorcycle helmet will reduce your risk of suffering an injury by 70%. In Pakistan, it will also reduce your chances of death by almost 40%.

Online, riders can shop for a variety of Products. Online motorcycle helmets can be chosen based on many factors, including a budget, color preference and material quality. We have all the best helmet brands in Pakistan for you to choose from to help you narrow down your search.

Headgear types

In recent years, people have started buying accessories for their motorcycles after they purchase motorcycles in Pakistan as it is now a trend. Nevertheless, every product is not the right product for each individual. Here we will describe three types of helmets that are very common.

  • Full frontal coverage:Full-faced helmets with full frontal coverage cover the entire face of the rider and are fully enclosed. Usually, full-faced helmets have just one or two visor options.
  • Covering the half-face:A half-face helmet may look classy but doesn’t really protect your face because it only covers the skull. If you get into any head-on collision, a half-face helmet may prove deadly.
  • Modular helmet is a multifunctional product that turns into a full-face and half-face helmet. You can use this as a full-face helmet or as a half-face by tilting the front end.

Helmets Price in Pakistan

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