Cb 150 Parts

Honda Atlas has set out to manufacture 150cc motorcycles locally after maintaining its dominant position in the local motorcycle industry for three decades. At a Honda Dealers’ Convention in Lahore on May 3rd, 2017, Honda launched a new motorcycle, the CB150F. Motorbikes like this one have sharp contours across their fuel tanks and windshields that are ideal for combative riding styles. This motorcycle features a 12V dry battery designed to perform better than a liquid cell battery. It is the second motorbike since the Honda Deluxe to have five gears and a disc brake up front. A polished aluminum grab rail decorates the CB 150F, making it stylish and sporty. Die-cast aluminum alloy wheels complete the look.

Honda CB 150f spare parts

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Honda CB 150f Price in Pakistan

Aside from the 150cc engine, this product comes with a warranty that lasts three years, significantly longer than the limited six-month warranty offered by several competitors. After Honda CG125 was introduced thirty years ago, Honda CB150F is considered an entirely new model. A new product launch is a time-consuming process that should not be underestimated as the company calibrated the market well in advance. Honda CB 150f Price in Pakistan is Rs 267,000 and comes with a ventilated front disc brake, glowing speedometer, and trip meter, engine RPM and fuel gauge.