Pridor Parts

Another high-end product from Atlas Honda is the Honda Pridor 2021. Buyers with higher expectations from Atlas Honda automatically become confident because of its label. Prior is a sequel to Honda CD 100, but with better aerodynamics and higher fuel efficiency. Honda Pridor holds a 4 stroke OHV engine and great suspension. A gloss-covered headlight, gorgeous lights and a stylish silencer with a hint of silver make this motorcycle seem even more attractive. With Honda Pridor, durability is unmatched and you can depend on it for many years to come. In addition to being durable, Honda Pridor has a great deal of power and can stay on par with its competitors on the road. You’ll be proud to ride Honda Pridor.

Honda 110 pridor parts

A one-stop shop for bikers across Pakistan, Imtiaz Autos provides bikers with a massive marketplace. The Honda 110 pridor parts we offer are of high quality as we are a dependable enterprise in this field. Here you can find every type of Honda pridor part you might need, including indicators, genuine plugs, magnet tapa and so on.

Honda 110 bike price in Pakistan

Regardless of terrain, this motorcycle will serve you well. As with other heavyweight bikes in the company, this motorcycle has a similar configuration. With Honda Pridor’s redesigned dashboard, the speedometer and fuel gauge are located on a double panel. Motorcycles like the Honda Pridor are great for long journeys. The black color of the Honda Pridor gives it an elegant look. Honda 110 bike price in Pakistan is 120,000 PKR.