Zxmco Motorcycle Accessories

There is a motorbike manufacturer, ZXMCO, which has launched a new model, the ZXMCO city rider. This product has been very well received since it has an attractive design, has good performance, and has other features that are very attractive to consumers. Having such a motorbike on the market gives the companies tough competition, since the price range of this motorcycle is not too high, and there are many people who cannot afford to buy higher-priced motorcycles. The motorbike, ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider has a front disk brake and an auto-start feature that is not available in other 70cc models. The motorbike has four solid gears that increase the speed up to 90 km/hr.

Zxmco motorcycle accessories

Zxmco motorcycles are committed to offering their valued customers durable, economic, and comfortable bikes for transportation, an established brand in the industry for over a decade. Thus, we (Imtiaz autos) are always trying to provide its customers with all types and all brands of motorcycle parts so that they can have all the benefits from a single location without having to rely on other online stores. Having this in mind, Imtiaz autos has introduced ZXMCO motorcycle accessories in its store. Our store offers a comprehensive selection of genuine ZXMCO accessories at an affordable price.


Zxmco bike: different models

The ZXMCO brand offers a wide variety of bikes in various shapes at the lowest prices compared to that of other brands. Zxmco bike prices in Pakistan are extremely low, so its competitors have a difficult time competing with it. Here are the models whom they have introduced, and people can find all the information they need. From here, interested parties can choose a bike of their choice.


Sr.no Bike model Prices
1. ZXMCO ZX 100 Shahsawar 55,000 PKR
2. ZXMCO ZX 125 Stallion 75,000 PKR
3. ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider Euro-II 40,000 PKR
4. ZXMCO ZX 100 Power Max 52,000 PKR
5. ZXMCO ZX 70 Thunder Plus 47,000 PKR
6. ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider 40,500 PKR