Genuine Honda Bike Parts

As Pakistan’s largest motorcycle supplier, Atlas Honda Limited is recognized for its excellent reputation and outstanding customer service. The Company has been leading the two-wheeler market for over 50 years and is known as the founder of the country’s motorcycle industry. Yet despite localizing most of the motorcycle parts, the company continues to inflate the prices of its bikes without abating. Increasing prices of even basic motorcycles have put them beyond the reach of many Pakistanis, prompting the government to take action and implement price controls as they had planned for automakers previously.

 Honda Bike Price in Pakistan

Atlas Honda has a vast array of resources at its disposal. It is the largest and most profitable motorcycle company in Pakistan. Locally, the company has assembled motorcycles for almost 30 years, using basic design with a few modifications.

It appears Atlas Honda has raised its motorcycle prices multiple times this year, increasing the price of its bikes by Rs. 23,500 within a year. This is a staggering increase despite production issues that have been ongoing. This is the sixth time this year that Atlas Honda is raising its bike prices. As of October 1, 2021, the Honda bike price in Pakistan will increase by Rs. 6,500.

Honda bike Parts prices in Pakistan

Honda bike parts prices in Pakistan may also rise in light of the recent increase in bike prices. It is also common for companies to sell their fake parts under the label of genuine parts or at inflated prices. Imtiaz autos, however, delivers genuine parts at genuine prices to its customers. Here we have all of the Honda bike parts and we successfully deliver them all over Pakistan