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The biggest motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan is Ravi Motorcycles. They make three motorcycles individually, and one with a collaboration with Piaggio of Italy. Their latest motorcycle is the Piaggio Storm 125. They also manufacture three different models of 70cc bikes. The motorcycles produced by these motorcycles are more durable and perform better than any other motorcycle brand. Unlike all other motorcycle brands, these Motorcycles are distinguished by their powerful engine and their own heavy sheet metal frame. As well as Ravi’s customer service and warranty policy, you can feel confident and satisfied buying from them.

Ravi motorcycle specs

With the Ravi new Hamsafar 70 model, customers are guaranteed better dependability, stability, and quality. With a capacity of 72cc, a four-stroke engine, and a single chamber, it has a weight of nearly 82kg and uses Japanese technology. The Ravi’s 72cc 4 stroke motor provides 70km per liter of performance, setting a high standard in the industry. All riggings are forward with a transmission rate of four speeds. A beautiful tanker can accommodate 9.5 liters of petroleum on the bike. Using an ignition system that employs capacitor discharge, the bike must be started using the kick. The Ravi motorcycle Price in Pakistan is just 45000 rupees, which I think is a great price for such a beautiful bike with such unique characteristics.

Ravi motorcycle parts

The Imtiaz autos website gives you the option of shopping for Ravi motorcycle parts like motorcycle brake clutch levers, motorcycle headlights, motorcycle handlebars, etc. A wide selection of Ravi motorcycle accessories are available in the company’s online store, and you can order any part with fast and friendly delivery at any time. In addition to a comprehensive selection of auto accessories and parts, Imtiaz Autos provides a broad range of high-quality auto parts.

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