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Unique 70 boasts multi-color body graphics that transform it into a reliable road partner. Used bike markets value the Unique 70 reasonably well. With unique 70 technology, the motorcycle is equipped with Euro II technology, allowing the motorcycle to have a higher fuel economy. There are other 70cc bikes in the market that are quite similar to the Unique UD 70. Black and red are the two colors available for the Unique UD 70. However, the new model soon will come with new features since the new model will look different and will offer unique advantages in the market.

Unique bike spare parts


Imtiaz autos makes it easy for you to buy unique bike spare parts. We are a large online store for motorcycle accessories that is accessible by you at your convenience with reasonable prices. Listed here is a vast selection of genuine unique bike parts that can be bought with just a few clicks.

Unique motorcycle features

A variety of motorbike manufacturers are active in Pakistan, but the Unique UD 70 is the only brand and model available among them. The new model of unique 70cc bike price in Pakistan is reasonable which just 47000PKR is. New 70cc bikes from Unique launch in Pakistan. There are three colors available for the bike – red, black, blue. It is an air-cooled 4-stroke engine. Having been unveiled after biker’s requests, all of these colors are the most popular among fans. They also feature Euro II technology, which gives these bikes a competitive edge. As compared to other china-made products or the original Honda CD70, the Unique UD70 price is the preferred choice of many riders in Pakistan.

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